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About Us

The Restaurant

BChic Bar & Grill takes pride in reimagining how people in Wichita, KS enjoy and experience food. Setting an ambitious standard for Afro-cuisine with our ever-evolving menu and immersive atmosphere, our guests have the privilege of tasting the bold and unique flavors that come from all regions of the African continent.

So do your taste buds a favor; come and experience delicious authentic foods from Africa.There is so much that connects our world; BChic's Afro Cuisine is one of them

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Proud to Serve You

Beatrice Forchu is a native of Cameroon and has lived in the United States for over two decades. With a passion for exploring, traveling, and cooking, Beatrice  strongly believes that great food and people create solid connections and unforgettable moments.

Beatrice comes from a long line of restaurant owners and Chefs. Her mother and aunts owned restaurants in Cameroon, and her sister Franka Bih Forchu graduated from the Art Institute of Houston’s Culinary Studies program. Franka owns LaBella Event Services in Texas and is the brain behind many of BChic’s sauces and recipes.

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